Mid. Summer Night – Bilibala Western / Thai Buffet Party

Bilibala West Thai Dinner Buffet 2023-01

Let's party in the Mid-summer Night!  We have arranged a band and Western – Thai buffet for all members and their guests to enjoy in the Mid-Summer Night Party! The event will be held on 19th August 2023 (Saturday).  With a very special price at $850 per person, members and friends are welcome to dress in a costume for the “Thai” theme, and enjoy delicious Western and Thai foods, singing on stage and showing their trendy dancing steps with favorable live music at night. Besides, a Best Costume Award will be prized to the winner of the night. Don't miss it!!

Reservation will be on a first-come-first-serve basis, please click to download and complete the enrolment form and return to us by 9th August 2023.  For further details, please contact Mr. Frankie Tsui, our Manager of European Restaurant at 2521-6271.


2023 Chariman's Cup Golf Tourament – Cheung Wai Kou Cup

2023 Chairman’s Cup Golf Tournament – Cheung Wai Kou Cup will be held at “Old Course” of Hong Kong Golf Club, Fanling on 4th September 2023 (Monday).  Participation fee at $980 and $2,500 per head for member and guest respectively, which includes a welcome gift pack from Golf club, Buffet Breakfast & Lunch, Green fee, Locker and Golf cart (Twin shares).

Limited spots are available, the priority enrollment will be opened to the members of the Chariot Club, both Main and Spouse card holder are applicable.  Members who would like to join the tournament, please send us your Enrollment Form by 1st August, 2023 (Tuesday) 16:00.  If the total number of enrolled members are exceeded the maximum number of the available spots, the final participants would be determined by drawing lots.  For other details, please see click to download the Enrollment Form.

In addition, for members who would like to join this golf tournament with their guests (non Chariot Club members), please contact Mr. Howard Chan, our Senior Membership Officer after the priority enrollment period, i.e. on 2nd August 2023 (Wednesday).  All guests’ enrollments will be on a first-come-first-serve basis and subject to the availability of the spots.

Special thanks:

  • Mr. Cheung Wai Kou, Lawrence MH JP, the Chairman of the Board for sponsoring the event.
  • Dr. Tsang Yick Sang, Jeffrey MBE and Mr. Ko Yiu Lun, Jimmy, Directors of the Board for helping the Club to organize the event.


Old Course of HKGC is being considered to be reclaimed by Town Planning Board for redevelopment purpose in September 2023, the Golf Tournament may be cancelled if the golf venue is impacted by such force majeure event.     



IT – Mobile Apps Interest Class

To further enhance the knowledge and effective in use of mobile technology and applications, the Club is delighted to offer a special designed course for members to join. Members who are interested, please click to dowload and complete the form, then return to our Membership department by 22nd May 2023 (Monday), the course details as below: -



~ 5 June, 12 June, 10 July, 17 July, 7 August 2023 (Mondays)

Total: 5 Lessons (No make-up class available)


3:00 p.m. – 4:30 p.m. (1.5 hour)


Grand Chariot at 4th Floor of the Club

Class Size:

Max. 15 people (On first-enrol-first serve basis)

Course Fees:

Member $1,750       Guest $2,000


  • How to use electronic payment apps (e.g.: Alipay / WeChat Pay/ PayMe/ FPS)
  • Use of Common Popular Apps-

(e.g.: Facebook / E-banking/ Zoom/ HK Immigration etc)

  • E-Commerce Shopping (e.g.: TaoBao / Amazon / HKTV mall etc )
  • Video-sharing Media (e.g.: Tiktok / Youtube / WeChat Video etc)


i. The way of downloading useful Mobile Apps from Android / Apple phone

ii. Overview of the Mobile Apps for the purpose of use

iii. Get to know the function of Mobile Apps

iv. The safety use of Mobile Apps


Profile of the instructor

Ms. Mok has been working in education field for nearly 20 years, she specialized in adult education with a wide range of teaching experience in both Mainland China and Hong Kong.


Shaolin Internal Chi Kung & Tai Chi Health Training Class

We are pleased to present the “Shaolin Internal Chi Kung & Tai Qi Health Training Class” for members to join in May & June. Members who are interested,  please click to dowload and complete the form, then return to our Membership department by 15th May 2023 (Monday), the course details as below:-


To find out more, members can join a 30 minutes demo class for free, while the Demo will be held on 18th May 2023 (Thursday) from 3:00 p.m. to 3:30p.m.


*18 May (Demo class- 3:00~3:30 / Regular class- 3:30pm~4:30pm)

25 May、1 June、8 June、15 June、29 June (Thursdays)

Total: 6 Lessons (No made-up class available)


3:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m. (1 hour)

*except 18/5, details please refer to abovementioned information


Grand Chariot at 4th Floor of the Club

Class Size:

Max. 12 people (On first-enrol-first serve basis)

Course Fees:

Member: $2,280                Guest: $2,520


Warm-up Exercises, Tai Chi Internal Energy, Shaolin Internal Chi Kung, Simple hand techniques and stepping exercises.


All movements are simple, soft, and balanced to help strengthen tendons and bones. In addition, the exercises activate the body’s internal energy which improves and maintains physical and mental health.


Profile of the instructor

Master Wan has practiced many sports and attained numerous martial arts awards throughout his life. A renowned expert, he has dedicated more than 30 years to the study, training and teaching of traditional Chinese martial arts and culture. He has learned and developed his Kung Fu with many famous and respected martial arts Masters. Currently, Master Wan teaches various forms of martial arts with his followers in Hong Kong and around the globe.





Top Five Big Spenders


In order to express our sincere appreciation for members’ patronage to the Club, the top five big spenders of the Club every year (from 1st January to 31st December) will be given cash food coupons as a token of appreciation.

Ranking                                                     Value of Food Coupon

The Top Big Spender                                          $5,000

The Second Top Big Spender                             $4,000

The Third Top Big Spender                                $3,000

The Fourth Top Big Spender                                $2,000

The Fifth Top Big Spender                                 $2,000


We are proud to announce the “2022 Top Five Big Spenders” as follows:-


Ranking                                                     Members’ Name or Membership No.

The Top Big Spender                                         0008

The Second Top Big Spender                            Mr. Lau Tat Pong Danny

The Third Top Big Spender                               Dr. Lam Hoi Ham LL.D. JP

The Fourth Top Big Spender                             Mr. Leung Kin Hing Edmund

The Fifth Top Big Spender                                1867